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Umrah visa form
Letter for Maharam
Credit Card Authorization Form

Umrah Requirements

1. Visa Application (filled in BLOCK letters)see below.
2. Two recent photographs 4CM X 6CM white background.
3. Passport valid for at least 7 months, must have at least two empty pages side by side (Those with multiple nationalities must apply with Canadian passport).
4. Non Canadian citizens must submit valid PR card (clear copy front & back)
5. Airline ticket to Jeddah with confirmed return booking.
6. Proof of relationship (marriage certificate, birth certificate etc) is required. Long birth certificate is required for Canadian born children showing names of both parents. Ladies travelling alone must provide permission from Muhram attested by Notary Public in original. If already not in English, all documents must be translated into English (or Arabic/French) by licensed translator.
7. Vaccination certificate against Meningitis required for adults and children over 02 years. Must be done at least 10 days prior to travelling. Must show ACYW135 on the Vaccination Card. Card must be signed and stamped by the Doctor or Clinic. Meningitis vaccine is valid for 3 years only, please ensure the validity.
8. Children under the age of 15 must provide a copy of their Vaccination Record.
9. Those converted to Islam must provide proof from Mosque (stamped & signed).
10. Umrah Visa processing time is 1 month.

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